Game Predictions 12/03/07

Crystal BallBeginning today, I’ll make game predictions for every game involving B10 teams. Tonight there are four games on the slate, all on the B10 teams home court.

The predicted scores are:

  • Indiana 103 Tenn State 65
  • Minnesota 85 S Dakota St 64
  • Northwestern 71 Arkansas St 66
  • Wisconsin 70 Wofford 37

My prediction algorithm is based on Ken Pomeroy offensive and defensive efficiency ratings. I use my own methodology to tweak his ratings based on where the game is being played, then calculate a predicted score using the adjusted efficiency ratings and the expected pace of the game.

One Comment

  1. Game results:

    * Indiana 84 Tenn State 72
    * Minnesota 88 S Dakota St 56
    * Northwestern 88 Arkansas St 68
    * Wisconsin 70 Wofford 43

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