Game Predictions 12/05/07

Crystal BallTonight Purdue host in-state rival Ball State while the hapless Iowa Hawkeyes hope to right their ship with a road trip to in-state rival Northern Iowa.

The predicted results are:

  • Northern Iowa 60 Iowa 48
  • Purdue 72 Ball State 54

Note: My prediction algorithm is based on Ken Pomeroy offensive and defensive efficiency ratings. I use my own methodology to tweak his ratings based on where the game is being played, then calculate a predicted score using the adjusted efficiency ratings and the expected pace of the game.

One Comment

  1. Purdue 70 Ball State 57

    Former PSU recruiting target Keanon Grant scored 15 to lead the Boilermakers to a win over the in-state rival Cardinals. Despite having a line-up with no player taller than 6’4″, Ball State managed to outrebound Purdue 19-26.

    Iowa 72 Northern Iowa 65

    The return of Tony Freeman breathed life into the moribund Hawkeye basketball team. Freeman, like Jamelle Cornley suffered an exhibition game injury (in Tony’s case, it was a broken foot), and he returned with a vengeance, entering the game with 12+ minutes left in the first half and proceding to go a perfect 4-4 (3-3) for the rest of the half (he finished with 15 points).

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