Google Graphic API

Google has released a very intriguing application programming interface to dynamically create charts.

Simply by tacking a string of parameters on the back end of the Google Chart API url, the charting engine will dynamically generate a chart on the fly and return to you with a PNG-format image.

The Google API site is

I just tack this string of parameters on the back end and the site generates the chart below.


PSU Scoring Averages

It’s pretty slick. I’m definitely going to use it to generate charts about my tempo free stats.

Just to decipher the string a little for those who might care:

chart? – create a chart
chs=550×300 – make it 550 by 300 pixels
&chbh=35,15 – make the bars 35 pixels wide with 15 pixels between them
&chtt=PSU+Scoring+Averages – title the chart PSU Scoring Averages
&chts=0000FF,30 – make the title bright blue and size 30
&chco=00396e – make the bars a dark blue color
&chf=bg,s,efefef – fill the background with a solid grey color
&chg=0,20 – create grid lines every 20 units of the y axis
&chd=t:76.4,45.6,37.2,30.4,29.6,22.4,19.6,19.2,13.6,9.2 (the data – it equals 4x each guys scoring avg to make it scale correctly)
&cht=bvs – make it a bar chart with vertical bars
&chxt=x,y – create an x and a y axis
&chxl=0:|Clax|Corn|Morr|Batt|Walk|Jax|Jonz|Prng|Hass|Brx|1:|0|5|10|15|20| – label each axis

Pretty slick deal.