Lehigh Plus/Minus Pairs

Plus Minus Vectorized

Individual Plus/Minus numbers

Player +/- Cornley
15 Jackson  7
Claxton 12 Brooks 6
Battle 12 Jones   3

Solid effort by Morrissey in this game. He’s the one that got the team going in the second half with a couple of nice defensive plays (taking the charge under the basket and then diving on the floor to get a jump ball tie up) that were followed by a couple of quick baskets (a fast break off a steal by Battle and a spot up three ball on a semi break).

Pairs (plus minus numbers)

This bar chart shows the complete set of the plus/minus numbers.
Select any individual player on the left to see just his pairings (the bar where he is paired with himself represents his individual +/- number for the game.
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Pairs (minutes played)

Pairs (+/- per minute numbers)