Non Conference Team Tempo Free Stats

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The beginning of conference play provides a perfect opportunity to take a look at Penn State’s numbers as they stack up against the rest of the conference.

Here’s a UncleLar user visualization of many of the usual tempo free stats. I am rushing this to market a little quickly and have not triple checked the data against all other sources but I have spot checked it and it looks pretty good so far (with one caveat – there is a slight discrepancy between my possessions per game number, the Ken Pomeroy number, and the Basketball State number – I know why mine differs from Basketball State’s – they are using what I believe is an outdated formula – I don’t yet know why mine differs from Pomeroy’s – when I uncover the reason I’ll either fix it or document the difference here – for the time being it doesn’t make a difference for most of the stats, so I’m going to publish anyway – when and if it does get fixed, this page will point to the correct data).

So here’s the master graph that you can play with. For those that aren’t interested in poking around within the charts (or who might have javascript disabled), I’m following the chart with a listing of each category, the conference leader, and Penn State’s rank. The initial chart in the list is the Pace or Possessions per Game chart.

Non Conference Team Tempo Free Stats

1. Indiana 70.0
5. Penn State 67.2

Offensive Efficiency (Pts per 100 possession)
1T. Indiana 117
1T. Michigan St 117
7. Penn State 106

Defensive Efficiency
1. Wisconsin 80.9
8. Penn State 93.3

Efficiency Margin
1. Indiana 20.9
6. Penn State 12.4

Two Point FG%
1. Indiana 55.0
8. Penn State 48.2

Two Point FG% Defense
1. Wisconsin 20.1
8. Penn State 44.7

Three Point FG%
1. Northwestern 39.9
9. Penn State 32.3

Three Point FG% Defense
1. Ohio State 29.5
5. Penn State 31.5

Free Throw Percent
1. Indiana 75.5
10. Penn State 59.5

Effective FG%
1. Northwestern 56.9
8. Penn State 48.3

Effective FG% Defense
1. Wisconsin 42.3
8. Penn State 45.8

Offensive RB %
1. Michigan St 45.8
4. Penn State 40.4

Defensive RB%
1. Wisconsin 72.8
7. Penn State 66.9

Turnover Rate
1. Northwestern 17.1
2. Penn State 18.0

Turnover Rate Defense
1. Minnesota 28.5
6. Penn State 22.4

Free Throw Proficiency (FTM/FGA)
1. Indiana 36.4
11. Penn State 17.0

Free Throw Rate Defense (Opp FTA/FGA)
1. Ohio State 18.2
5. Penn State 29.1

1. Northwestern 1.7
3. Penn State 1.3

Assist/Turnover Defense
1. Purdue 0.6
6. Penn State 0.8

Assisted Baskets
1. Northwestern 75.4
6. Penn State 57.9

Assisted Basket Defense
1. Illinois 50.6
5. Penn State 54.2

Turnover Margin
1. Northwestern +11.0
2. Penn State +4.9

I hope this provides some info for you to noodle on.