Bringing back an old favorite

Plus Minus Vectorized

The Big Ten +/- Standings

The concept is simple. It’s based on the theory that you should protect your home court. Failure to do so, costs you a point. Winning a game on the road, on the other hand, earns you a point.

During the course of a a season the +/- standings will likely vary a little from the usual standings but it will give you a better feel for who is winning those all important road games. At the end of the season, the +/- standings will equate to the usual standings.

Here’s the first report.

1T. Penn State
1T. Indiana +1
1T. Wisconsin +1
4T. Illinois 0
4T. Michigan St
4T. Minnesota
4T. Ohio State
4T. Purdue
9T. Michigan -1
9T. Iowa -1
9T. Northwestern -1

I won’t bother to file regular reports but will carry the standings in the sidebar.