PSU Individual Tempo Free Numbers

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The individual leaders are:

Percent Minutes – Geary Claxton 76.1%
Offensive Rating – Brandon Hassell 120
Percent Possessions – Geary Claxton 30.8%
Percent Shots – Geary Claxton 30.3%
Effective FG% – Danny Morrissey 61.3%
Offensive RB% – Brandon Hassell 18.9%
Defensive RB% – Geary Claxton 20.8%
Free Throw Rate – David Jackson 89.1%
Assist Rate – Talor Battle 23.6%
Turnover Rate – Mike Walker 3.2%
Percent Blocks – Brandon Hassell 4.2%
Percent Steals – Stanley Pringle 4.4%
Free Throw Percent – Stanley Pringle 100%
2PT Field Goal% – Danny Morrissey 81.3%
3PT Field Goal% – Jamelle Cornley 50.0%
Some of these numbers particularly stand out.

  • Claxton’s involvement in 30.8% of possessions while he’s on the floor puts him way ahead of Jamelle Cornley’s second place 22.3 and ranks him in the top 35 nationally.
  • Claxton is also taking 30.3% of the shots while he is on the floor which is well ahead of Mike Walker’s surprising second place rate of 22.7%
  • Hassell (18.9) and Jones (16.2) are substantially ahead of the others in their offensive rebounding
  • On the other end of the court, Claxton controls the defensive boards at a 20.8 clip.
  • DJ Jackson’s free throw rate (89.1), which measures how well you get to the line and make your free throws, is twice that of second place Andrew Jones (45.5).
  • Mike Walker has an unbelievable turnover rate of only 3.2%. That’s leads the country. Brandon Hassel also has an exceptional number at 4.8%.
  • Stanley Pringle’s 4.4 steal percentage is half again as much as any else on the team and places him in the top 100 (70 specifically) nationally.
  • Pringle also has yet to miss a free throw, which puts him well ahead of 2nd place Andrew Jones at 73.3. Penn State’s notoriously poor free throw shooting doesn’t fall on the shoulders of their big men, the big guys are shooting exceptionally well. Jones (73.3), Hassell (72.7), Jackson (70.7), 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on the team, are more than doing their share.
  • Morrisey has an incredible 2PT shooting percentage of 81.3. Evidently, Danny either takes threes or layups.
  • Cornley leads in 3PT shooting at 50% but he’s only taken 4 shots. Pringle and Morrissey are 2-3 but they are far back at .375 and .373. I’d be content if Stanley’s numbers stay there but Danny needs to get his number back above 40%.