“Double” Big Ten Players of the Week?

This is the perfect opportunity for Penn State to sell Claxton and Cornley as Co-Players of the Week in the Big Ten. I’m just hoping that they, and the Big Ten, pick up on the catchy marketing line and do so.

Penn State, with their two road wins, has to be one of the talks of the conference. Couple that with their two stars having back to back double doubles, i.e. the previously mentioned double double double double (probably the perfect example of a good thing being taken too far Laughing ), and you have a perfect opportunity.

For the record, in the two wins Claxton had 29 pts and 23 rebs, while Cornley had 40 pts and 22 rebs, Also, due to the odd ball Monday game against Lehigh, the weekly totals for the guys were Claxton 58 points and 33 rebounds and Cornley 52 points and 26 rebounds (four more boards for Jamelle and the two would have averaged a double double for the week).

I realize there were other notable performances around the league. Raymar Morgan’s 31 points and 10 boards yesterday being one of them, but PSU’s two unexpected road wins ought to be the determining factor. Jamar Butler’s 32 points against Illinois were most noteworthy and he certainly showed he can contribute to Ohio State winning in more ways than one with his oddball 10 rebounds, 11 assists double double yesterday (but I would be considerably more impressed with that performance if he hadn’t also taken and missed seven shots).

I think making Claxton and Cornley a “double” winner would be a natural. Here’s hoping PSU sells it that way and that the Big Ten office buys it.

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