Midseason Player Plus Minus Report

Plus Minus Vectorized

This is my first report using the new Player Plus Minus System. The results seem to be more consistent with most people’s opinions of the play of the players involved, so I think this passes the sniff test.


Cornley now moves to the top of the plus/minus list with 10 positive games and only two negative ones. The top five in order are: Cornley, Battle, Claxton, Walker, and Morrissey. Battle has been steadily progressing his way up the plus/minus charts and it shows here.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the meaning of the terms in this Plus Minus System chart.

PM Rating is the sum total of the individual game minus scores. The game plus minus score is the difference between the delta scoring of the teams while the player was on the floor and the delta scoring while he was off.

G+ is the number of games where a player had a positive plus/minus game score.

G- is the number of games here a player had a negative plus/minus game score.

G% is the percent of all games played that were positive plus/minus games.

PM Rating per game is the PM rating divided by the number of games that the player participated in.


Note: This is an interactive chart and these columns are sortable simply by clicking on the column header.