Game Predictions 01/22/08

Crystal BallThe league is starting to sort itself out. Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan State appear to be the class of the league this season. Michigan, Northwestern, and Illinois seem to lie at the other end. The middle has a bunch of question marks. Ohio State occasionally shows signs of challenging the top three. Purdue’s youngster’s are sitting pretty with a 4-1 league mark. Tubby has the Minnesota Gophers playing surprisingly well. Best guess is that if the league is to get any more than three bids, they will have to come from these three.

The other two teams in the middle would appear likely to have more downside that up. Penn State’s loss of Claxton for the season could be devastating for the team. They showed great heart in battling Indiana even up for 30 minutes in Bloomington without their star but can they carry that over throughout the rest of the season. Some of that question might be answered tomorrow night against Purdue.

Their win over Michigan State, notwithstanding, the Iowa Hawkeyes have been a pretty poor team this year. For the time being, I’ll give them some credit for that win, even though a pretty good case could be made that Michigan State handed them the game, and not lump them with the basement contenders. Their game against Penn State on Saturday could loom large for both teams.

Here’s tonight’s predictions:

Wisconsin 78 Michigan 53
Ohio State 64 Illinois 58


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