Four Factor Analysis Tool (PSU at Mich)

These stats are conference play numbers only.

Today is one of those rare occasions where we go into a conference game with a statistical advantage.

Our effective FG% is five points higher than Michigan’s and we are also five points better on effective FG% defense. When you get in a situation like that you want to maximize your possessions to take advantage of that difference, so I would expect to try to up tempo the game this afternoon. Of course, Michigan will be trying the exact opposite. They want to be more deliberate and thus minimize the possessions.

On the rebounding front, Michigan has been rebounding well on the offensive boards but not that well defensively.

Our turnovers are about even but Michigan has been effective forcing turnovers. We’ll need to make sure we take care of the ball against them. Our guards can’t come out with the deer in headlights look that they had against Purdue.

The Michigan State game did wonders for our FT proficiency numbers. We did a good job of getting to the line in that game. Unfortunately, we reverted to our old ways against Purdue. Michigan does foul often, so our free throw shooting could be important in this game. The Power Rating System predicts a one point win for us, emphasizing how important free throw shooting will be.