Four Factor Analysis Tool (Iowa at PSU)

Only one thing that immediately stands out on this chart – how much worse PSU’s defensive FG efficiency is than Iowa’s. For PSU to win, that can’t happen tonight. The Nits are either going to have to step up their D or Iowa is going to have to have an off shooting night.

PSU quite often has a rebounding edge on their opponents. At first glance, the teams would look to be quite even tonight with Iowa being a better defensive rebounding team and PSU the better offensive rebounding team. Of course, that becomes an impenetrable object vs an unstoppable force scenario. The numbers give a slight edge to PSU here. Look for a 2:1 ratio to be the key factor. PSU will need to grab at least 1/3 of the available rebounds off of their boards while keeping Iowa under that number on the opposite end. That becomes even more important if the first objective is reached. If PSU is to improve their effective defensive FG percentage, then their will be more defensive boards available on Iowa’s glass. PSU can not offord to give Iowa too many second chances at scoring.