Collegian: Tourneys give hope to Lions

Tourneys give hope to Lions – The Daily Collegian Online via kwout

I still have a gripe with this remark by DeChellis

“For a team like us you’re sitting here maybe with two more wins at 16,” DeChellis said about losing the non-conference games. “And maybe you’ve got some more confidence and you’re feeling pretty good and maybe you’ve got to win one more to get in the NIT if you don’t win the conference tournament. I’m anxious to see how it’s gonna affect all of us.”

To me it says, that should the Nits finish the season at .500 and not get a bid to either the NIT or CBI, ED will be fingerpointing back at the Big Ten saying “Look what you did to us with your 18 game schedule”. He will completely miss the fact that he’s dug himself a huge RPI hole with the crappy OOC schedule that he’s put together. I sincerely fear that when we finally get to the point where we’ve got a team that’s talented enough to contend for an at-large bid, our scheduling philosophy will be popping our bubble.