NIT Bound?

Who are you kidding?

Sometimes I can’t even believe people get paid to write some of the crap that they do. There’s no way that PSU (or pretty much ANY other school) gets into the NIT with a .500 record. This isn’t your father’s NIT any more.  Who have they been talking to?  Ed DeChellis? (see DeChellis press conference story post),1,1036085.story

Time running out on NCAA maybes — via kwout

Basically, the tournament is working with 15-16 fewer bids than they used to have – eight less because they reduced the field from 40 to 32, and another 6-8 less because the NIT gives out auto bids to those schools who won the regular season crown for their conference but lost the auto bid to the NCAAs by losing in their conference tournament. Those lost bids pretty much mean no more .500 teams in the NIT.