Talor Battle vs Joe Crispin

An interesting subject came up on PennStateHoops.com. People were asking how Talor Battle’s freshman season compared to Joe Crispin’s. After some digging around I was able to find stats for Joe’s freshman year so I threw together this visualization.

The two are basically dead even in scoring, with Battle a slightly higher per game average but Crispin having a small edge on a projected 40 minute basis. Crispin was the better shooter, particularly from the free throw line, while Battle has a decisive edge in rebounding. Crispin has the better assist numbers but Battle the better assist to turnover ratio. Battle has the edge in steals.

All in all the two are pretty even. Here’s hoping Battle progresses as well as Joe did during his career. I think the PSU fans would be quite happy with a Sweet Sixteen run as a cap to Battle’s career.