The “One and Done” risk

NCAA witholds scholarships for Ohio State men’s basketball – NCAA Basketball – Yahoo! Sports via kwout

The NCAA has slapped Ohio State with the loss of a scholarship for a year because of their failure to meet the Academic Progress Rate standard.

From the quote in the article

Bruno said the sanction was triggered by one athlete who left the university during the 2006-07 school year while academically ineligible. Bruno did not disclose the name. Players Greg Oden, Daequan Cook and Mike Conley Jr. left the team that year when drafted into the NBA.

it appears that at least one of the short timers might have been just playing ball not attending class. Of course, it’s a stretch for OSU to point fingers at one guy because it takes more than one guy screwing up to put you in the APR penalty box to begin with.

Basically, the way that APR works is that if enough guys aren’t making progress toward their degrees, the school is gets a warning. With that warning goes the stipulation that during this probationary period if a kid leaves school who would have been ineligible the following season, you are penalized with loss of a scholarship. If Ohio State hadn’t been in the APR doghouse to begin with, it wouldn’t have mattered that one of these three wasn’t going to class.