Big Ten Power Rankings 03/10/08

Big Ten Conference logoHere’s the final regular season Power Rankings and they pretty much line up with the actual standings save for two teams.

Interestingly, Wisconsin has been atop the power rankings for the entire season yet it was only about halfway through conference play that the national polls started to reflect their excellent play. Props to Bo Ryan and the rest of the Badgers for the conference title.

Team Pace Off Def Pwr Rank
1 Wisconsin 63.0 1.14 0.81 1.41 4
2 Michigan St. 64.9 1.15 0.89 1.30 16
3 Indiana 68.3 1.15 0.89 1.29 20
4 Purdue 67.8 1.10 0.86 1.28 22
5 Ohio St. 64.6 1.09 0.88 1.24 29
6 Illinois 63.2 1.06 0.87 1.22 39
7 Minnesota 67.3 1.09 0.92 1.19 52
8 Penn St. 65.0 1.05 0.98 1.08 112
9 Iowa 60.4 0.98 0.92 1.07 113
10 Michigan 66.4 1.03 0.96 1.07 114
11 Northwestern 62.8 1.03 1.03 1.00 158

Now, the exceptions. Both Michigan State, #2 in the power rankings, and Illinois, #6, are substantially higher than they eventually wound up in the real rankings. Undoubtedly most of their fans would agree with the disappointment that both teams were underachievers this year. Illinois is the real odd ball however. Their power ranking would suggest that they are a Top 40 team, yet when they are actually playing they look like they could care less whether they win a game or not. I wouldn’t want to face them in the tournament because they appear to have the raw talent to actually make a deep run.

Unfortunately, they turn out to be PSU’s opening round opponent, so here’s hoping that they mail in their effort like they did in the first two games we played them.

Speaking of PSU, you can through a very small blanket over the Nits, Hawkeyes, and Wolverines when it comes to 8th through 10th place in the power rankings.  The three teams are also stacked right up on top of each other in the national rankings holding down the three consecutive spots from 112 on.   So it’s probably appropriate that the actual standings for these three weren’t finalized until the last two conference games of the season late Sunday afternoon.