Against the Odds (Round of 32)

Crystal BallMy opening round picks against the odds finished at 8-4. Best of all, my top four picks, i.e. those with the biggest delta vs Vegas, were all winners. If I were a betting man that would be nice money in my pocket.

Here’s the picks for the round of 32 using the same criteria, my predicted spread must be at least three points greater than Vegas line. The number in parens represents my delta from the Vegas prediction.

  • North Carolina over Arkansas by 12 – pick Arkansas (3.9) – loss
  • UCLA over Texas A&M by 10.5 – pick A&M (3.8) – loss
  • Pitt over Michigan St by 2.5 – pick Michigan St (3.6) – win
  • Kansas over UNLV by 13.0 – pick Kansas (3.2) – win


  1. Pretty good so far lar. Wish I had used your picks to bet on these games. Still can’t believe Pitt lost to MSU, Ramon too small and thin to guard neitzel.

  2. I would never underestimate Tom Izzo. He somehow always seems to bring the best out in his kids.

    I wish I had used my picks to enter a few more pools (I’m only in two). Normally, picking so many favorites will only succeed in getting you right smack in the middle of most pools but for some reason, the dogs haven’t been winning all that often this year.

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