Against the Odds (Sweet Sixteen)

Crystal BallSweet SixteenI’m just as thrilled with my predictions against the spread as I am with my pure winners picks. So far my predictions are 10-6 against the spread. I arbitrarily chose a three point delta between my projection and the Vegas spread to be the point at which I would elect to make a call on the game. While 10-6 is quite successful, what’s particularly interesting is that I am 4-1 when my prediction is four points better than the spread. Perhaps that should have been my cutoff (I could call them my “UncleLar Locks”). That’s worth keeping an additional eye on this weekend.

Two games meet my aforementioned three point criteria.

They are:

  • Kansas over Villanova by 12.0 – pick Kansas (3.8) – win
  • Wisconsin over Davidson by 5.0 – pick Wisconsin (3.7) – loss