Sweet Sixteen Game Predictions

Crystal BallSweet SixteenI’m absolutely thrilled the way the predictions have gone so far.

  • 16-0 on the first day
  • 10-6 on day two
  • 14-2 in the Round of 32
  • 40-8 overall

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Sweet Sixteen play out.

Here are the picks:

Sweet Sixteen      
North Carolina 71 Washington St. 69 W
Louisville 69 Tennessee 67 W
Kansas 77 Villanova 62 W
Wisconsin 68 Davidson 59 L
Memphis 68 Michigan St. 64 W
Stanford 66.7 Texas 67.0 W
UCLA 73 Western Kentucky 59 W
Xavier 67.0 West Virginia 66.6 W


  1. Four wins tonight. Looking forward to continuing tomorrow. I’m still tied for the lead in my pool and the list of people tied with me is now down to one.

  2. 3-1 tonight for a pretty good 7-1 start to the weekend. Still at the top of my pool and FINALLY by myself.

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