Jeff Rice gets it…

the scheduling hole that PSU has been digging for themselves, that is. He it’s on the problem in his column for the CDT today.

Proof that Jeff gets it comes from this part of his article, where he concludes, much as I have in the past, that PSU would have needed at least 22 wins to go dancing this year.

And when selection time rolls around, unless you had won your conference tournament, you had better have a solid RPI. In the last 10 years, the average RPI ranking of the last at-large team in the field has been 61. New Mexico (74 in 1999) and Air Force (70 in 2004) are the only teams in that span to make the field with a ranking worse than 65.

The average RPI of those 10 teams was .5647, a number very close to that of this year’s last at-large team in, Oregon. The Ducks had an RPI of .5658, which put them 58th in the country.

Which brings us back to Penn State. The Nittany Lions finished the season at 15-16, with an RPI of .5061 and a ranking of 157. To catch Oregon’s RPI, the Nittany Lions would have needed at least seven more wins.

Props to you Jeff. Here’s hoping ED reads and understands your column.