Big Ten Conference Academic Progress Rate (APR) Report

The NCAA has released the latest Academic Progress Rate (APR) reports.  Here’s how the Big Ten schools stand in basketball.

Illinois – 989
Northwestern – 972
Penn State – 964
Michigan State – 963
Iowa – 944
Wisconsin – 938
Michigan – 927
Minnesota – 910
Ohio State – 909
Indiana – 899
Purdue – 894

925 is the cutoff where sanctions can start to kick in.

Purdue is the only school to receive an “immediate penalty”.  The “immediate penalty” means that if a school has an academically ineligible player leave school, they will not be able to award his scholarship to anyone.  According to the Indy Star, Purdue took their penalty during this past season and played short one scholarship player.

Indiana received a waiver from any sanctions because they have implemented an APR improvement plan that was satisfactory in the NCAA’s eyes (quite possibly, Tom Crean’s hasty departure from the Final Four back to Bloomington was to address this very issue).  However, given the spate of recent departures, I would expect them to have some APR problems next year.

According to Scout, Ohio State wasn’t penalized because they also submitted an APR improvement plan to the NCAA.

Minnesota reportedly avoided the penalty because, despite having an APR below 925, no academically ineligible player left school.

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